Friday, July 9, 2010

Rainy Days...

I got to 6.3 miles this morning, I did my best to run around the rain.  It actually was a great run, I felt good, it was cool and there was a nice breeze.  I did have to stop once to get out of the rain.  It poured really hard for a few minutes.  I ducked under some one's car port.  I really thought I was going to make it to 7 miles this morning, but I was .7 miles short.  As I ran by our house, it was pouring so hard again so I decided it was time to stop, I was soaking wet and I was worried about my Ipod and sensor.  So I stopped. 
As I was getting in the shower, I looked out the window and the sun was out.  I'm alittle blue that I didn't wait it out, but even though I didn't quite get to 7 miles, it was a fantastic run, even in the rain!!  I just have to feel good about that!! 
We are going to go for a ride up to Duck now.  The weather can't quite decide what it wants to do, one minute it's sunny, then very cloudy.  There is a Riptide warning so no swimming at the beach.  I love Duck!!!
Can't believe that we have to leave tomorrow, it will be sad. 
Have a buttercup day!!!

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