Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Back in the swing of things...

So, I have been a bit off track since we got back from vacation.  I hadn't run since Friday, I guess I needed the rest.  I had planned to run on Monday and Tuesday but I could not get up when the alarm went off.  I've read that rest is a big part of training too, I need to remember that.  I ran/walked 4.7 miles this morning and it was kind of rough.  My legs were pretty sore.  I walked quite a while to warm up, but it was a tough run.  I need to get back into the routine of things.  Luckily the rain held off this morning.  I did reach my goal of 56 miles by July 15th, in fact, I have run 59.86 miles since June 17th.  I am really proud of myself.  I set another goal of 65 miles in 4 weeks (YIKES!!!)  I'm pretty sure I can do it though!!!  I think that if coming back from vacation hadn't messed me up I would have done that this time.  It has been a tough transition back to non-vacation life.  The girls have had Vacation Bible School every morning this week so that has helped some, I've been able to get errands done. 

Sarah's school gave us a list of school supplies that we need to get before school starts, Staples had a great sale this week, so I was able to get them all this morning!  It was a strange feeling buying supplies for my girl, I still am in disbelief that she is going to kindergarten in the fall.  But I'm glad that is checked off my list. 

After I finished there I went to Road Runner Sports where I got my foot and my gait analyzed.  Apparently I have a medium arch, and I roll my foot in when I run because I have a collapsing arch (which sounds bad to me).  That could be because of my Achilles tendon injury last fall or it could have been the cause of the injury.  But they got me in a pair of Saucony shoes, which are stabilizing shoes with an arch support.  So far so good, I'm wearing them around the house to get used to the insole.  I can't wait to go for a run!!  I should wait until Friday, so we'll see.  They have a 60 day return policy, so if they don't work out, I can just bring them back, I think that is pretty cool!  But I have a good feeling so far. 

Sarah had her 5 year checkup on Monday.  It went very well.  Her doctor was very pleased with how she is doing.  She is 75% for height and weight.  We need to get her eyes checked, they were borderline but since Seth and I both wear glasses, he thought that we should get them checked.  Also, she has had a umbilical hernia since birth, we were told to wait and see.  She still has a defect, so if it isn't healed by next summer, she will have to have surgery.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed and saying prayers that it heals this year.  I know it's a pretty minor surgery, I just don't want my girl to have to go through it. 

The girls are loving Vacation Bible School, I'm so glad.  We got a CD of the songs that they are learning there.  Last night, Sarah gave us quite the concert!  Singing along with dancing and sign language.  It was great!  I'm loving a little Mommy time too!! 

In some ways, this summer feels almost over.  With preparing to get Sarah and Emma to school and then preparing for the 1/2 marathon in October, it seems like it's almost over.  I realize it's only the middle of July and there is lots of summer left, but I'm just looking so far forward.  Being home with the girls this summer has been harder for me than I thought. I'm looking forward to the rain going away so we can get back to the pool, that makes the days go by so much faster and happier.  It's so hard to be in a bad mood while you are at the pool. 

Ok, I've rambled enough, and yet I feel like there was more that I wanted to say, but now I can't think of it.  Typical of my brain lately but now I feel more back in the swing of things...

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