Saturday, July 17, 2010

7 Miles!!!!

Well, I have achieved my own personal goal of running 7 miles, it has seemed elusive for the past couple of weeks.  I'm afraid though I made a rookie mistake by trying to get to this distance with my new shoes and insoles.  I'm feeling pretty good overall, except that my feet hurt.  Bummer!  I mostly walked the first 2.5 miles to get used to them.  I was afraid that I was going to have to call it quits and I was getting kind of discouraged, but then a great song came on and I took off running and my feet felt better and things started looking up!  My time was pretty slow, I did it in 90 minutes, it was hot out, but I'm really proud of myself!  Lance Armstrong congratulated me when I got home (in my Nike sensor workout) for my longest workout so far!  I know you are probably sick of hearing this, but I love my Nike sensor!!!! 

When I got inside and took off my shoes, my feet really hurt.  I massaged them and they felt some better. My arches feel great but the outside edge of my feet is where it hurts, probably because they have been getting a free ride since my feet have been rolling in.  But my legs and hips feel fine!  I took some preventative Motrin before I left, I'm hoping that helped.  I'm hoping that I didn't screw up by going so far.  I'll just be gentle to myself the rest of the day! 

Actually, I have a bunch of things to do around here today.  I need to do laundry.  On a side note, does anyone know why you can't use fabric softener for the "moisture wicking" material in shirts, shorts and socks?  And does this include using Bounce in the dryer?  Thanks!  This afternoon we are dropping the girls off at their old school for Parent's Night Out.  They will be there from 4-9 and Seth and I are going to see the movie Inception and then get some dinner!!  YEAH!!!  A rare occurrence is happening in the Churchill house, Seth and I actually have date nights for the next 3 weeks.  Not sure that has happened since we have had children!  It's like an eclipse or something! :)  Next weekend is his high school reunion.  We also have another date night in August.  Crazy!!!

The girls finished Vacation Bible School yesterday, they loved it and are so sad that it is over.  Sarah was actually crying about it last night.  I made a couple videos of them singing I will try to post them.  They loved the music and have given us concerts almost every night this week.  We need to find them so more things to do apparently.  I bought some workbooks for them and I'm not joking we spent almost 2 1/2 hours working in them yesterday afternoon.  It was great!  I loved seeing what they know and watching them figure things out.  It was fantastic!  Next week is looming over me because we have absolutely nothing planned.  I'm hoping for some good pool days and maybe a playdate or two.  Also they are a bunch of things going on at the library that we are going to check out. 

We have church tomorrow and then out to Frostburg to see Aunt Donna and Uncle JB.  The girls are excited to show them all their new tricks in the pool.  I love our weekends! 

Have a buttercup day!!!

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