Thursday, June 17, 2010

I'm loving it!

I was so excited about the Nike+ Ipod Sensor. On Monday, I had it all set up, it appeared to be working. I got up at 6 and headed out. I had a fantastic run, I felt great. I looked at my Ipod several times and it looked like it was working. I ran really fast in burst, I walked some, I ran at different paces. I was so looking forward to looking at the data that was being collected. I finished and when I got home, I looked at my Ipod and nothing had been recorded, I was so pissed. I told Seth that I wanted to know how I had done and he said the sweetest thing, he said "You already know how you did, you said you had a fantastic run" True, but I wanted the numbers!
I had no luck trying to figure out what had gone wrong, so I wrote to Amazon and they were so great. They overnighted me another one and gave me a prepaid return label to send back the defective one. They were so nice about it.
I had a couple of glitches with the new one, but finally it was connected and I couldn't wait until morning to get up and try it out. So my alarm went off at 5:55, I got up and got ready to go. I started my run at 6:20. As I started out, I was worried because I wasn't feeling that great. My calf hurt and I got a cramp in my side. I probably shouldn't run after going to Zumba the night before :) I was worried that the data collected wouldn't be that good. But once I got to our little lake, I started feeling better. A good song came on and I was off. I ran some and walked some. I did some fast bursts and I was feeling great again!! And in my ear, every 5 minutes there was a voice telling me how much longer I had to go, I thought that would be annoying, but I found it very helpful.
I ran/walked 6.37km in 50 min and 22 sec. I love having that information. When I got home I connected my Ipod to the computer, it sent more info to the Nike website. I liked looking at the at my info there, the calories burned, my pace, my best km. There are challenges you can sign up for and training schedules there. I'm not trying to be a spokesperson for Nike or anything, I just love having all this data and I think it is highly motivating to me. I set up a 4 week challenge for myself. And in a week or so I can set up the formal training for the 1/2 Marathon and it will keep me on track. I think this technology is just amazing!!
So tomorrow is a cross training day, so I'll ride the bike and then I think I need to go for a 5 mile run on Saturday. So week one is going very well! So far, I'm loving it. I just have to remember how I'm feeling now so that in week 8 or so, when I might get discouraged, I'll can remind myself how far I've come and great I feel!
Thanks for reading my ramblings!


  1. Glad it finally worked! It is pretty cool, isn't it.

  2. I am so glad to hear you so motivated . Love Seth's response
    about your run !
    Technology is pretty amazing. You are pretty amazing. Pretty cool how that fits together!!!
    Love reading your blog
    did you talk with Ky about how fun blogging can be?