Monday, June 21, 2010

Busy, busy days ahead...

I wanted to get up a bit earlier this morning so I could run 5 miles again, but I just couldn't quite get out of bed at 5:45. I hit snooze a couple of times and finally emerged at 6:05. I was able to run 4.12 miles in 53 minutes, I was pleased with it because I'm really tired. Once I got started I felt pretty good. For some reason, my little guy's voice who tells me how far or how long I've been going, wasn't working. I'm not sure if it's because I did a custom time, but I tried it again once I got home and he was working. Anyway, I missed him a bit, I find his little voice helpful :)

I finally realized how to change the Nike website to miles instead of kilometers, that helps my brain considerably. One cool thing is that over 3 runs, I have run 13 miles in 2 hours 46 minutes, and this is just at the beginning of my training. It's just so awesome to see that on the screen. I realize it will be considerably different running 13 miles at one time, but it helps frame it in my mind to some realistic goal.

The girl's baptism was wonderful and very special. Sarah did really well and wasn't shy at all. Emma got very shy and buried her face in my neck. It really was a couple of incredible moments for me. I had been thinking about it for a really long time and yet I was so surprised at how nervous I was and how moving it was for me.

Sarah is feeling better, but I think we are all overtired. They both had huge tantrums in Target this morning. It felt like I was running the half marathon as I walked out the length of the store with both of them screaming at the top of their lungs in my face. It was so awful. It was pretty out of character for both of them, so I'm not entirely sure what's going on. I thought for a moment about giving into them, but then Emma broke the chain on my favorite necklace and I knew that even though it was absolutely horrible, I was doing the right thing. OMG, I was SO angry though. Things have recovered nicely since we got home, they are playing really nicely in the basement right now, as if the tantrum never happened.

Sarah's birthday party is on Saturday, so I'll spend a good chunk of time this week getting ready for that, cleaning, shopping, cooking and wrapping. It should be fun! I'm going to have them help me make the Happy Birthday banner, if we can find some good Barbie stickers. Cake is ordered, I need to order the deli tray and then shop for the rest of the food. I have my To Do list right next to me. I always struggle with goodie bags, I really don't enjoy them. I'm hoping to find just one cool thing and just give that out. It takes to much energy for me organize different items for the goodie bag, I don't like just giving out candy. It just stresses me out. After her party, we are headed to a 4:05 Orioles game with friends. It is going to be an incredibly long day, but incredibly fun!!

Once all that is over, then I need to start thinking about shopping and packing up for our trip to the Outer Banks. I'm really looking forward to spending the 4th down there. I hoping we can watch the fireworks on the beach. And I'm really hoping that there is a parade somewhere down there to watch!!! I LOVE parades.

I'm really going to need this vacation once it gets here. And along with all of this stuff going on, I need to just do our daily stuff. I need to keep up with my running and biking. I need to find time to rest and time to have fun!! We have a playdate tomorrow at Pump It Up (it's a big warehouse with a ton of inflatable moon bounces) and then on Wednesday when it's going to be wicked hot here, I thought I would take the girls to see Toy Story 3, Thursday we have a dentist appointment then we might hit the pool. I really think we are much busier now than when the girls were in school.

Thanks for reading my ramblings, I do appreciate it. I haven't quite figured out all the editing stuff on the blog so forgive my picture being in kind of a weird place.


  1. Just a few things going on, huh? Keep the faith! Stay the course! Run! Run ! Run !

    you can do it!

  2. great times... you sound so good... I love reading your blog