Saturday, June 19, 2010

90km by July 15...

So on the Nike+ website, you can set up all sorts of goals for yourself and there are many challenges you can join. Most of the challenges to join are over a year's time, and I need more immediate results.
So I set up a goal of 90km by July 15. It's a pretty big goal, but one that I thought on my current training schedule that I can achieve. We'll see. So far I have 75.5km to go! HA!! But that's after only 2 runs. So right now I'm ahead of my goal. Like I said, we'll see.
I'm really looking forward to running in the Outer Banks in a few weeks. I really started running there last year. It was fantastic. So I'm anxious to get back and try it out!! But I'm also on vacation, so we'll see how it goes!
This morning I ran 5 miles in 63 minutes. That is the longest that I have ever gone. And I still feel good even almost 3 hours after I finished.

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