Monday, September 6, 2010

My foot hurts....

I did get to 10.2 miles on Saturday morning!  It was such a gorgeous morning, the sky was blue, a wonderful breeze and a beautiful setting.  I got to Centennial Lake, stretched a bit and then hit the trail.  Mile 1 was lovely, but mile 2 was SO yucky.  My left calf hurt, I felt tired and I was thinking that I was just not going to make it at all.  When I had finished one lap around the lake I actually switched directions, I'm not sure if this helped or if all my endorphins had kicked in but from that point on, I felt much better.  Mile 3-8 were great, but after 8 miles I started to get a bit tired. 

I'm not sure if I'm not warming up enough, if it's become a mental block or what, but mile 2 is ALWAYS hard for me, no matter where I run.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  Also I'm wondering about any long run rituals, superstitions or advice.  I started to wonder if Uncle had special socks he wore on a long run or something he had to eat before hand.  (I'm looking at you, Dave, Randy, Jessica and Aunt Sue :).  I would love to know if he had any special rituals before a long run or a race.  I was really missing him as I was driving over to the park that morning, I would have given anything to talk to him about it! 

I felt fantastic when it was over, when I got home, I showered and we headed out to the Labor Day festival.  I was a little sore, but not how I thought I would feel.  No blisters, nothing.  We had a great time at the festival, but I do have to say that around 4:00, I hit my wall and I didn't want to ride another ride, eat anything else, I just wanted to get home!  On Sunday morning, I was a little sore when I first got out of bed, but after that I felt fine. We went to church and then to a friend's house for lunch.  No worries.  I had my favorite FitFlops on (which I personally think are the most comfortable shoe EVER!)  and my feet didn't hurt at all.  I am pretty tired but not sure if that is from the run or from staying up until after 11.  I need to get to bed earlier! 

Seth let me sleep in this morning until 8:00!  I so appreciated that although I almost wished that I had gone for my run today.  It was so lovely out this morning, it was only like 60 degrees and tomorrow it's supposed to get hot out again.  But the schedule is for me to 5 miles tomorrow morning. It is a high mileage week for me, 5 miles tomorrow, 6 on Thursday and 10 again on Saturday.  It makes me a little nervous actually.  Seth took the girls shopping this morning, which was so nice.  I got a bunch of things done around here.  He got Sarah her shin guards and her new soccer ball for soccer, that starts on Saturday.  She is SO excited about it.  He went to a U of MD football game this afternoon at M&T Stadium.  Sarah wanted to try out her new ball, so we got in our sneakers and headed over to the school fields to try them out. 

I hadn't worn my running shoes since Saturday morning and when I put them on today, my right foot kind of hurt, but I just figured it was sore from the long run.  The ache would come and go and I wasn't really worried about it, I thought it would go away.  We had fun running and kicking the soccer ball around.  Both my girls are such fast runners!  And Sarah can really kick the ball.  Emma can hold her own against Sarah.  We were all having fun and laughing, laughing, laughing!  But after awhile my foot started hurting more and more. It hurts on the bottom of my foot on the outside edge, not really my heel but not really my arch either.  There were times when I put my foot down that it almost brought me to tears because it hurt so much.  The girls wanted to play on the playground for a bit and then we headed home.  My guess is that it is plantar fasciitis, although in the book it says that is in your heel and this really isn't.  I took some Aleve and I'm icing it now.  And I found some stretches that I should do.  I guess I should call my Dr. in the morning, I'm also thinking about getting one of those nighttime positioning things.  But I guess I should find out what it is exactly before I start buying things.  It feels better out of my sneakers, not sure if that just means I need a different insole or something.  I wish Seth was home so I could talk to him about it. 

So I will wait on my run tomorrow, maybe do the stationary bike instead to give whatever this is some time to heal.  Please send happy thoughts and a prayer or two would be greatly appreciated.  I'm hoping not to have to much downtime, that will make me blue.  I'm glad that I wore my sneakers today and noticed this now instead of when I was out for a run in the morning.  I will listen to what my body is trying to tell me and not push it.  I'm keeping my eyes toward the race in October, I need to figure these things out before then.  It seems like with every run, I'm learning new things.  I am also thinking about doing the VT City Marathon as a relay (hopefully with my cousin Jessica, although I haven't really talked to her about it) in May.  I haven't even finished this one and I'm already dreaming of the next one!  

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