Saturday, September 11, 2010

So long as you do not stop...

I did make another rookie mistake.  I went to the gym yesterday and I worked out on the elliptical and then I worked out on the weights.  I was trying to be gentle, knowing that I had the 10 mile run today but I kept going probably longer than I should.  But I felt great and I didn't think I was straining or anything.  It felt so good to be back in the gym, I may have over done it.  But it was a scheduled rest day.  But because of my foot, I hadn't run all week so I was trying to make up for that. 

The run this morning was TOUGH!!  I felt so tired and my legs hurt and felt heavy.  My foot kind of hurt. I should  have respected the rest day before a long run.  Another lesson learned!!  I walked a good chunk of the first 5 miles, I just could not find a pace or get in my groove.  It was a gorgeous morning, the temp was like 56 when I left the house.  But I was struggling!  It was probably the toughest run I have done so far. There was a very funny moment when I hit 5 miles, my Nike sensor voice said "You have reached the halfway point, only 5 miles left"  Right after he said that, the Hallelujah Chorus came on my Ipod.  It was fantastic and made me giggle.  I whispered "Thank you Uncle!"  It seemed like a nice sign from him!  That perked me up and I started to run at a better pace.

In the park this morning was a 9/11 Remembrance Service, there was a Honor Guard and many fire fighters and policemen where there.  I ran past them before the service and I thanked a couple of them.  I hope they knew I was thanking them for so much more than letting me pass on the path.  When I got back around they were just finishing up the moment of silence.   One of the bloggers I follow wrote this today "On this day, Run to honor those whose feet no longer touch the earth,  And now run with angels."  I absolutely love it!!   And I hope I did just that this morning! 

One other bummer of the morning, was that my Nike sensor stopped working at some point at 5.28 miles and I'm not sure how long I ran before I noticed it wasn't working.  I'm not sure what's up, that is the second time on a long run, it has stopped.  Kind of a drag, because the Nike website sees them as different workouts so it counts the total mileage, but it doesn't count as my longest run.  It's kind of hard to explain.  Anyway, I need to figure out how to keep that from happening again, it's such a drag.  So I'm not sure what the exact distance I ran this morning, but I think it was at least 11 miles.  I actually hate not knowing exactly.  But I need to get over that too.  The second half of the run was much nicer than the first half. 

It was a yucky run at first but I felt good at the end!  I'm a little more sore tonight than I have been after other runs.  It has been a pretty big learning curve for me.  I like figuring out these things before the marathon though.  It seems like with each run, I learn another do or don't.  And I'm glad!  I did ask my cousin Jessica about running the VT City Marathon in May as a relay and she said that she would run it with me!!  YEAH!!!   As I was on my run/walk this morning, I kept thinking about Uncle's favorite quote and the name of this blog.  "It does not matter how slow you so long as you do not stop"  And I didn't stop!  I hope he is proud!!

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